8 Channel 4-20mA Current Receiver

  • 8 Channel 4-20mA, 0-20mA, or 4-40mA ADC
  • Programmable x1-x8 Gain Amplifier
  • 12 or 16 Bit Resolution
  • Up to 3.4MHz Communication Speed
  • I2C Port for chaining up to 8 Devices
  • Onboard Power Management
  • 0x68 Start Address


An Industry Standard Made Better

With this 8 Channel 4-20mA ADC you can get the readings you need on the platforms you love. Need your Raspberry Pi to monitor your Sensors? Not a problem. Want easy Cloud Integration? Hook it up to a Photon. Like tried and true platforms? We support Arduino, Windows, and Linux. We want you to monitor your world, your way using simple plug and play.

This 4-20mA ADC combines the power and reliability of the popular industry standard with the adaptability and functionality of all of our I2C products.


Not only can you use and switch between today's most popular platforms using swappable adapters, you can also expand and adapt your device's functionality in a true Plug and Play System. The I2C port on the board allows you to chain multiple devices together. Need to add Relay Control? Just pop one of our I2C Relay Controllers onto the end of your I2C chain and in seconds it'll jump to life at your command.

We have hundreds of chainable I2C devices available. For a full list see our Cross-Platform section.

The Details

This I2C 8-channel 4-20mA current receiver board is capable of reading 0-20mA/0-40mA/4-20mA Aanlog input. It includes an onboard amplifier for signal conditioning. This board uses two MCP3428 to read the amplified signal. The MCP3428 is a 4-Channel Analog to Digital Converter with a configurable 12-Bit or 16-Bit resolution, ideally suited for low-speed high-resolution sensor monitoring. The MCP3428 is capable of reading analog voltages at 15 samples per second with 16-Bit resolution or 240 samples per second at 12-bit resolution. The MCP3428 has an x1, x2, x4, x8 programmable gain amplifier, making it an ideal choice for monitoring extremely low-voltage sensors. All 8 channels are capable of monitoring a full-scale range of 4-20mA, 0-40mA, 0-20mA. Up to 8 MCP3428 devices are capable of sharing a single I2C communication port, using three floating address inputs.

This 4-20mA current receiver board has two MCP3428 ADCs onboard, which must be jumper configured to different I2C addresses.

The current values can be calculted using this fromula

Current = Raw_ADC*0.001380


Set MCP3428 gain to one to read 0-40mA signal, set the gain at two to read 0-20mA and 4-20mA signals.


This is a general purpose I²C device compatible with all computing platforms and IoT technologies, including Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Arduino, Particle, BridgeX5, and many more.  All ControlEverything.com devices support a strict +5V I²C Bus standard.

Arduino Nano and Micro Interfaces:
Plug this Device into the Arduino Nano I²C Shield
Plug this Device into any Arduino Nano Master Device
Plug this Device into any Arduino Micro Master Device
Plug this Device into the Arduino Uno Interface Adapter

ESP8266 IoT Interfaces:
Use our ESP8266 Module and the PEI2C Interface Adapter
Use our ESP8266 Adapters for Adafruit and Huzzah

Onion Omega 1 & 2 IoT Interface:
Use our Onion Omega Adapters

Raspberry Pi Interfaces:
Use the Raspberry Pi I²C Interface Adapter
Use the Raspberry Pi 2/3 I²C Interface Adapter
Use the Raspberry Pi Zero I²C Interface Adapter

Particle IoT Interfaces: 
Plug this Device into the Particle Photon I²C Shield
Use as Expansion for any Particle Photon Device
Use as Expansion for any Particle Electron Device
Note: All devices above are compatible with Bluz Bluetooth Interface

Pycom IoT Interface:
Plug this Device into the WiPy I²C Shield

BeagleBone Interface:
Use the BeagleBone I²C Interface Adapter

Windows 8/10 PC Interface:
Use the Bridge Series Controller


Mechanical drawing
Wiring diagram


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