Cayenne Display Kit

  • Monitor and Display Sensor Reading through Cayenne
  • I2C Shield for Raspberry Pi 3 & Pi2
  • Ambient Light and Proximity Sensor
  • 3-Character Amber LED Display
  • Noise, Knock, and Vibration Sensor
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Cayenne Display Kit

Get started using Cayenne Raspberry Pi with Plug-and-Play Display kit.  This Cayenne Display kit lets you read the Proximity, Light Levels, and Vibrations and display it on various screens. The included Knock Sensor can read vibrations and display the number of knocks detected. Expand the I2C bus to include the Ambient Light Sensor and Proximity Detector used for distance measurement applications up to 100mm. This kit includes a 3-Digit LED numeric display to provide real-time display of signal strength or other real-world data. This kit includes all the cables you need to get started.

The Display Kit is easy to use. Just pop the Shield into your Raspberry Pi and attach the desired boards using the included cables. In minutes you'll be monitoring and display sensory data using Cayenne's web interface.

This kit includes all the cables you need to get started.

The included Raspberry Pi interface adapter connects to a Raspberry Pi (not included). More info can be found at

ControlEverything and Cayenne

ControlEverything and Cayenne were made for each other. Our diverse line of sensors and controllers adds Plug-and-Play hardware to Cayenne's drag-and-drop IoT Project builder. No solder, no code, just possibilities.

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