Contact Closure Remote Relay

  • Sold in Pairs
  • Sender Device Controls Receiver Device
    • Contact Closure Inputs on Sender
    • Relay Outputs on Receiver
  • Wired Operation Up to 1000′
    • Using 3-Wire Cable
  • Wireless Operation up to 2 Miles
    • Line of Sight Operation
  • Internet Operation Unlimited
    • Will Find Each Other with Internet Connection
  • No Computer, No Programming, No Set-Up
  • Works Together Right Out of the Box!


Among our most popular products, the MirC line of remote relay devices allows you to control SPDT or Solid-State relays based on contact closure inputs on a second board. Frequently used to control pumps, or for remote gate control, these boards are available in a number of configurations.

The remote contact closure (sender) board and relay control (receiver) board are married during our manufacturing process, so these devices are plug and play. Whether you are looking for 1-channel, 2-channel, 4-channel, or even 8-channel switching, we offer multiple communication options to suit any need.

Wireless Remote Control

Our easiest and most popular option, wireless switching provides excellent range without the need to worry about running wires or ethernet line. These pairs allow you to control relays up to 2 miles away from the contact closure board with line of site. When communicating through walls the range can be cut down quite a bit, but can improved with high-gain antennas.

Wired Remote Control

When reliability is paramount or wireless access is restricted, the wired switching option is ideal. A simple 3 wire connection between the sender and receiver allows for remote relay control up to 1000 feet, even further with signal boosters!

Network/Internet Remote Control

Our network remote switching option allows the married devices to communicate over a local network, or across two networks that each have internet access. Once these devices have been powered they will discover each other and act as though they were wired directly.