ESP8266 IoT Communication Module with Integrated USB

  • USB Connector for Power and ESP8266 Programming
  • Integrated FT232RL USB to UART Virtual COM Port
  • Arduino Wire Language using Arduino IDE
  • WiFi Communications
  • WiFi Access Point Mode
  • Integrated Web Server
  • DNS support


The ESP8266 makes it easy to use the Arduino IDE and the Arduino Wire Language for IoT applications. To program the ESP8266 module press GPIO0 and RST button together and leave the RST button first and then release the GPIO0 button. By doing this ESP8266 will go into the programming mode.

Monitor sensors and control relays, FETs, PWM controllers, solenoids, valves, motors and much more from anywhere in the world using a web page or a dedicated server.

We manufactured our own version of the ESP8266 to fit into host devices (originally designed for Particle Electron). Integrated USB port allows easy programming of the ESP8266. The ESP8266 is an incredible platform for IoT application development.

Note: Please handle the USB connector carefully. 

This device is compatible with all  Particle Electron


This is a general purpose I²C device compatible with all computing platforms and IoT technologies, including Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Arduino, Particle, BridgeX5, and many more.  All devices support a strict +5V I²C Bus standard.

Arduino Nano and Micro Interfaces:
Plug this Device into the Arduino Nano I²C Shield
Plug this Device into any Arduino Nano Master Device
Plug this Device into any Arduino Micro Master Device
Plug this Device into the Arduino Uno Interface Adapter

ESP8266 IoT Interfaces:
Use our ESP8266 Module and the PEI2C Interface Adapter
Use our ESP8266 Adapters for Adafruit and Huzzah

Onion Omega 1 & 2 IoT Interface:
Use our Onion Omega Adapters

Raspberry Pi Interfaces:
Use the Raspberry Pi I²C Interface Adapter
Use the Raspberry Pi 2/3 I²C Interface Adapter
Use the Raspberry Pi Zero I²C Interface Adapter

Particle IoT Interfaces: 
Plug this Device into the Particle Photon I²C Shield
Use as Expansion for any Particle Photon Device
Use as Expansion for any Particle Electron Device
Note: All devices above are compatible with Bluz Bluetooth Interface

Pycom IoT Interface:
Plug this Device into the WiPy I²C Shield

BeagleBone Interface:
Use the BeagleBone I²C Interface Adapter

Windows 8/10 PC Interface:
Use the Bridge Series Controller


Dimensions: 50.00000 x 26.00000 x 14.00000 mm
Mechanical drawing