IoT Motherboard

CE IoT Motherboards are a new way to expand the capabilities of your favorite IoT platform. We’ve taken advantage of the compact form factor of some of today’s leading IoT platforms to build IoT Motherboards. While none of our boards require soldering, these boards don’t even require I2C cables. Plug your board straight into the socket of an IoT Motherboard and your dream project or prototype becomes a reality.

All of the CE boards marked as IoT Motherboards feature two rows of 18 female sockets – the Particle Electron footprint. They're designed for use with the IoT boards that have taken advantage of a smaller form factor:

  •  Particle Electron
  •  Particle Photon
  •  Bluz
  •  WiPy2.0*
  • Arduino Micro*
  • Arduino Nano*
  • CE ESP8266
  • LoPy*
  • Windows*
  • Adafruit Huzzah ESP8266* 
  • Onion Omega*
  • SiPy*

The Particle Electron, Particle Photon, Bluz, and CE ESP2866 each plug directly into all of our IoT Motherboards. If you're using a platform with an * next to it all you need to do is quickly pick up one of our Motherboard adapters. They're affordable, lightweight, and allow you to use the same IoT Motherboard with multiple platforms.

Don't see your go-to platform listed above? Each IoT Motherboard has a matching board with the title "for I2C" which uses I2C cables instead of sockets for easy use with larger boards with Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone. See the complete list of "for I2C" products here.

If you don't see what you're looking at below, be sure to check through our full list of controllers, sensors, and adapters: