50K Digital Potentiometer 2-Channel

  • Two 50K Digital Potentiometers
  • +5V 5ma Handling per Potentiometer
  • 400 KHz Communication Speed
  • Add up to 4 of these per I2C Port
  • 0x2C I2C Start Address


The AD5252 (from Analog Devices) offers an ideal solution for most digital potentiometer applications. Learn how to use the AD5252 using our I2C Mini Module and take control of 2 on-board I2C controlled potentiometers, each with 256 taps. This version is equipped with 50K digital potentiometers (but 1K, 10K, and 100K are also available). The AD5252 supports wiper read-back, allowing you to easily read the current wiper settings.

Digital potentiometers are an ideal solution to replace many types of mechanical potentiometers, but we advise close examination of the datasheet to make sure your application is voltage compatible with the AD5252.

The AD5254 may also be used in:

  • programmable gain/offset control applications,
  • programmable power supplies,
  • programmable filters,
  • low-resolution digital-to-analog conversion,
  • LED brightness adjustment, and
  • sensor calibration applications.

The AD5252 is strictly limited to 5ma of current through each potentiometer. Voltages through the AD5252 potentiometers should NEVER exceed +5VDC at 5ma.


This is a general purpose I²C device compatible with all computing platforms and IoT technologies, including Raspberry Pi, BeagleBone, Arduino, Particle, BridgeX5, and many more.  All ControlEverything.com devices support a strict +5V I²C Bus standard.

Arduino Nano and Micro Interfaces:
Plug this Device into the Arduino Nano I²C Shield
Plug this Device into any Arduino Nano Master Device
Plug this Device into any Arduino Micro Master Device
Plug this Device into the Arduino Uno Interface Adapter

ESP8266 IoT Interfaces:
Use our ESP8266 Module and the PEI2C Interface Adapter
Use our ESP8266 Adapters for Adafruit and Huzzah

Onion Omega 1 & 2 IoT Interface:
Use our Onion Omega Adapters

Raspberry Pi Interfaces:
Use the Raspberry Pi I²C Interface Adapter
Use the Raspberry Pi 2/3 I²C Interface Adapter
Use the Raspberry Pi Zero I²C Interface Adapter

Particle IoT Interfaces: 
Plug this Device into the Particle Photon I²C Shield
Use as Expansion for any Particle Photon Device
Use as Expansion for any Particle Electron Device
Note: All devices above are compatible with Bluz Bluetooth Interface

Pycom IoT Interface:
Plug this Device into the WiPy I²C Shield

BeagleBone Interface:
Use the BeagleBone I²C Interface Adapter

Windows 8/10 PC Interface:
Use the Bridge Series Controller

Mini Modules

Our mini modules provide a standardized footprint to simplify the design of your project, and allow for a smaller form factor without sacrificing the plug-and-play  ease of use that our product line affords.

All I²C Mini Modules are designed to operate at 5VDC. Using a convenient quick connect 4-Pin plug, devices can be daisy-chained onto the I²C Bus, eliminating the need for soldering. Simply plug together the devices you need for your next automation application.

Pull-up resistors are included with all ControlEverything.com master devices. If you are wiring in your own I²C port, on-board 4.7K jumper-selectable pull-up resistors are available for convenience purposes.

All mini modules are 50.8 x 31.75 mm.


Dimensions: 50.80000 x 31.75000 x 12.12000 mm
Mechanical drawing
Wiring diagram

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