Arduino Micro Compatible IoT Adapter

  • Adapts All PE Series Controllers to Arduino Micro
  • Adapts Any of Our Controllers for Particle Electron to Arduino Micro
  • Dual Row Headers Provide Access to Arduino Pins
  • Adapts Arduino I2C and Power Pins to IoT Motherboard


The AM adapter was designed to allow the Arduino Micro to fit in the Particle Electron socket of all devices.

This adapter remaps the I2C and power connections only, and should not be used for applications outside the product line.

Dual row headers on each side provide access to all Arduino Micro port pins.

The AM Adapter is compatible with all Particle Electron Devices.

Companion - Purchasing Limits Apply

These products are sold at a low price in an effort to help our customers gain connectivity to our product line.  Companion products are intended to be paired and used with other products we manufacture, as they perform no useful function on their own.  Any orders that contain only companion products will be canceled to prevent short supply.  Most notably, products found on our web site for $5.95 or lower are typically defined as companion products (though there are a few exceptions).

As a general guideline, we allow one companion product to be purchased for every device with a silicon chip that has an I²C start address, with a maximum of 3 companion products of a single part number.  For instance, you can purchase a Raspberry Pi I²C adapter and a Temperature sensor without any problems.  You can purchase 3 I²C adapters and 3 temperature sensors without any problems.  You can purchase 3 I²C adapters and 20 temperature sensors, but no more than 3 I²C adapters of the same part number. 

Order Limits:

  • We will allow up to ONE companion product without any silicon based controllers per order.
  • We have placed a maximum quantity limit of 3 pieces per companion part number.

Please help us balance the production costs of our low-cost devices and support our company by purchasing devices to go with our companion products, this is the only way we can stay in business.


This adapter allows you to use your platform with any of our IoT Motherboards (Particle Electron compatible) devices.

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