Raspberry Pi Energy Monitoring Kit

  • Plug-and-Play Current Monitoring using Cayenne
  • I2C Shield for Raspberry Pi 2 & 3
  • 2-Channel 10 Amp Current Monitor
  • 2-Channel 1A Relay Controller
  • Blue OLED 128x64 Graphic Display .900"


Raspberry Pi Energy Monitoring Kit

Explore AC Current Monitoring with this Plug-and-Play Energy Monitoring Kit for Raspberry Pi.  The current monitoring controller is designed to measure up to 10 Amps of AC Current with a 95% accuracy using I2C communications. This Kit also includes a 2 Channel 1 Amp SPDT Signal Relay Controller and an OLED screen.  All of these devices chain together from the Current Monitor using the included cables. This modular chained design offers an easy to use path for expansion into other sensors, relay controllers, FET drivers, and much more.

The Energy Monitoring Kit is easy to use. Just pop the Shield into your Raspberry Pi and attach the desired boards using the included cables. In minutes you'll be monitoring and controlling circuits using Cayenne's web interface.

This kit includes all the cables you need to get started.

The included Raspberry Pi interface adapter connects to a Raspberry Pi (not included). More info can be found at ControlEverything.com.

Note: This current monitor controller is rated for use with resistive loads only.
We do have other controllers available rated for resistive or inductive loads at different amperage ranges.

Kit Contents: