Cayenne Weather Station Kit

  • Integrates Weather Monitoring into Cayenne
  • Monitor Temperature and Humidity
  • Plug-and-Play Raspberry Pi Shield
  • Buzzer with 3 Digital Input Outputs
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Cayenne Weather Station Kit

Get started using Cayenne's myDevices with this Plug-and-Play Weather kit. This Cayenne Weather kit lets you explore temperature and humidity sensing using I2C communications and the powerful Cayenne platform. This kit includs a Temperature & Humidity sensor, a Raspberry Pi I2C shield, and a Buzzer with 3 Digital Input Outputs. The Buzzer Module comes with 3 extra digital inputs and outputs for buttons, switches, LEDs and more.

The Weather Station kit is easy to use. Just pop the Shield into your Raspberry Pi and attach the desired board using the included cable. In minutes you'll be reading environmental conditions using Cayenne's web interface.

This kit includes all the cables you need to get started.

The included Raspberry Pi interface adapter connects to a Raspberry Pi (not included). More info can be found at

ControlEverything and Cayenne

ControlEverything and Cayenne were made for each other. Our diverse line of sensors and controllers adds Plug-and-Play hardware to Cayenne's drag-and-drop IoT Project builder. No solder, no code, just possibilities.

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