Onion Omega Compatible I2C Shield with Ethernet Port

  • Provides Ethernet Port to Onion Omega 2 & 1
  • Speed upto 100Mbps
  • On Board USB, I2C Connector and RJ45 Connector
  • On Board I2C Level Shifter
  • Ideal to Control Relay, FET Drivers and PWM Through Ethernet
  • On Board Power Management


The OOET is a multi-purpose board which works with Onion Omega. This Onion Omega Ethernet adapter provides an Ethernet Expansion for the Onion Omega 2 & 1 as well as an I2C port. It has a Micro USB Interface for power and programming the Onion Omega. An on-board level-shifter is included to convert the Onion Omega I²C Interface to our 5V standard.

Using the Ethernet port you can control and program your onion omega over the wired network. 

The Onion Omega Ethernet Shield(OOET) allows the Onion Omega to connect to hundreds of sensors, relay controllers, current monitoring devices, and a growing array of FET drivers.

This Ethernet Shield For Onion Omega is compatible with the OOKF Key Fob Receiver, allowing a Key Fob transmitter to control the I/O lines of the Onion Omega. This interface adapter is compatible with Onion Omega 1 and 2.


Dimensions: 61.00000 x 44.00000 x 15.00000 mm
Wiring diagram

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