Raspberry Pi Zero I2C Breakout Shield

  • Provides Screw Terminal Access to Raspberry Pi ZERO GPIO
  • Provides a I2C Expansion Port for Interface to CE Devices
  • Easily Interface Raspberry Pi ZERO to Hundreds of Sensors
  • Use Raspberry Pi ZERO to Control Relays and FETs
  • Interface Raspberry Pi ZERO to Energy Monitoring Devices
  • Level-Shifted 5V I2C Port Provides Unlimited Expansion


The PIZEROBO offers a convenient screw-terminal breakout board for Raspberry Pi ZERO. The PIBO includes an integrated I2C port for easy expansion to the entire ControlEverything.com I2C Product Line. Monitor sensors, control relays, fets, and PWM devices using your Raspberry Pi ZERO. Integrated I2C port is level-shifted to support the ControlEverything.com 5V I2C standard, which allows users to daisy chain devices according to application requirements.


Dimensions: 94.00000 x 35.00000 x 18.00000 mm
Mechanical drawing
Wiring diagram