WiPy I2C Shield with RFID Receiver and USB Interface

  • EM18 RFID Receiver for WiPy
  • Compatible with RFID Cards, Tags, Stickers, and Fobs
  • Power & Program your WiPy from USB
  • Provides a I2C Expansion Port for Interface to CE Devices
  • Easily Interface WiPy to Hundreds of Sensors
  • Use WiPy to Control Relays and FETs
  • Interface WiPy to Energy Monitoring Devices
  • RFID Card, FOB, Tag, or Sticker Included for Testing


This RFID Receiver for WiPy makes it easy to interface RFID cards, fobs, tags, and stickers into your next automation application.

Simply swipe a RFID device across the sensor and read the code into the WiPy at 9600 baud.

The WiPyU includes an integrated I2C port for easy expansion to the entire ControlEverything.com I2C Product Line.

This design includes the popular EM18 RFID receiver, greatly simplifying software development.

This product includes a 6-inch cable for remote mounting of the RFID reader.

Based on availability, we will also include a RFID device for testing (a RFID Card, FOB, Tag, or Sticker).

NOTE: Please make sure the solder jumper is set at 3.3V.

This device makes use of the UART receive line, and should not be used with overlay shields.

For more information on the WiPy, check out: https://www.pycom.io/


Mechanical drawing
Wiring diagram