Key Fob Receiver Overlay Shield for WiPy2 & LoPy( LoRa)

  • Adds Key Fob Receiver as an Overlay Shield for WiPy2 & LoPy
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8-Button Remote Control Compatible
  • Pairing Button with Valid Receive LED
  • Up to 750 Foot Range with 8-Button Key Fob
  • 418/433 MHz Operation with Integrated LICAL Decoder
  • Designed for WiPy2 & LoPy Devices and Adapters
  • Compatible with Pycom WiPy2 & LoPy
  • Interface LoRa With Key Fob
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The LPKF (LoPy Key Fob) is a Key Fob Receiver/Decoder shield compatible with Linx Technologies MS Series Key Fob Transmitters operating at 418MHz (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8-Button Transmitters Available Separately). This device is capable of receiving button presses from a remote control up to 750 feet away (when using the 8-Button remote). When a remote control button is pressed, the on-board Valid LED illuminates. In addition, WiPy2/LoPy I/O lines are asserted High for the duration of the remote button press. WiPy2/LoPy  I/O lines return to a low state when the remote control button is released.

Includes RP-SMA Antenna.

The On-Board LICAL Key Fob Decoder is Mapped to the following WiPy Pins:
Key Fob Button 0 is Connected to WiPy GPIO38
Key Fob Button 1 is Connected to WiPy GPIO39
Key Fob Button 2 is Connected to WiPy GPIO37
Key Fob Button 3 is Connected to WiPy GPIO36
Key Fob Button 4 is Connected to WiPy GPIO35
Key Fob Button 5 is Connected to WiPy GPIO34
Key Fob Button 6 is Connected to WiPy GPIO22
Key Fob Button 7 is Connected to WiPy GPIO21

NOTE: Key Fob remotes are security encrypted, and must be paired with the controller prior to use. This is an Overlay Shield and does NOT directly plug into the WiPy2/LoPy. This Overlay Shield REQUIRES a controller with Double-Row Headers on each side of the WiPy2/LoPy module interface. To use an overlay shield, WiPy/LoPy devices are plugged into a controller, which has two rows of pins on each side of the WiPy/LoPy module. This shield installs over the top of the WiPy2/LoPy, using the outer set of pins of the controller to make contact with the WiPy2/LoPy module. Please examine photos carefully to see how overlay shields are installed.

This adapter plugs into any of our controllers and adapters manufactured for Pycom WiPy2/LoPy.

Key Fob remote control transmitters can be found here.

For more information on the WiPy, check out:


Wiring diagram

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