Low Power I2C DIP For CHIP

  • On Board I2C Power Control Circuit
  • Adds two easy to Connect I2C Ports to CHIP
  • I2C Ports connect directly to Sensors and Controllers
  • CHIP Socket on top for Additional Shield Compatibility
  • Easy Interface With CHIP and Pocket CHIP


Its an I2C DIP for CHIP with Onboard Power control. On Board, power control makes it ideal for battery-powered application. The power is controlled by XIOP2/GPIO01. To turn off the power on I2C Ports you will need to set XIOP2/GPIO1 to low. If you need a low-cost I2C interface shield/DIP for your CHIP*, look no further! This I2C Shield for CHIP makes it easy to plug in and control any of our I2C devices from your CHIP! Just connect and chain them together using the included I2C cables and start controlling everything.

Add expansion sensors, controllers, and peripheral devices with a simple click!

No need to solder ANYTHING!

*CHIP not included.


Dimensions: 76.00000 x 50.00000 x 10.00000 mm
Mechanical drawing
Wiring diagram