RS-485 Relay Board

  • Modular Communications Footprint
  • Compatible with Many Industrial Series:
    • Fusion, Taralist, ProXR, ProXR Lite
  • 3-Wire Screw Terminal Connector
  • Chain 256 Devices to a Single RS-485 Network
  • Use E3C Commands to Route Data to Network Devices
  • Build RS-485 Networks up to 4,000 Feet
  • Configurable Baud Rate


Combining our 23 years of experience, best in industry warranty, the ability to quickly interface with any programming language, these devices are built to suit any need. Our industrial line of Relay Controller Boards also boasts an XBee compatible communication socket, making the interface interchangeable and allowing you to easily migrate from a RS-485 controller to a USB, TCP/IP, 802.15.4, Digi long range, or even bluetooth.

All of our RS-485 relay boards use well established APIs that have been industry vetted, and are documented for ease of integration. Whether your flavor of choice is C/C++, Python, Java, NodeJS, C#, VB, or you prefer handling your bytes directly from a terminal or bash script, we have you covered. Our Base Station software is also available free of charge to help get you up and running without having to write a single line of code.

Need to integrate RS-485 relay control into a custom design? We can help with that too!

Check out our entire line of Relay Controllers here. We also offer I2C relay boards that are ideal for rapid prototyping and IoT applications.

Let us know if you have questions about the right board for your application on our forum, we respond quickly, and have an active community that is always willing to share their expertise.