USB to I2C Converter with Virtual COM Port FT230XS

  • Mounts as a COM Port
  • Compatible with All CE Devices
  • FT230XS USB to Serial Converter
  • Free Windows AnyI2C Software
  • Compatible with Windows with full GUI Interface
  • Hardware Compatible with Linux and Mac (No Software)
  • USB Micro Interface to CE 4-Pin I2C Port


If you ever wanted to test or use devices with a desktop computer, this little I2C adapter will save you lots of time.  Plug this device into any available USB port on your PC and it mounts as a COM port.  We use the FT230XS for virtual COM interface.  Next, run our FREE AnyI2C software and start talking to the complete line of CE devices with just a few button clicks.  

Use this USB interface to read sensors, control relays and PWM controllers.  Use for industrial 4-20 mA read/write applications, and much more.  Read light sensors, temperature/humidity sensors, potentiometers, moisture sensors, all at a very low cost.  Log window shows all Communication traffic.  This converter is hardware compatible with all programming languages and operating systems that support the FT230XS.  Drivers are available from


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